• Natural Calcium 11%,

Method of Application :

  • Foliar Application: 2ml-3ml per Ltr of Water or 500ml for 200 Ltrs of water.
  • Soil Application: 500ml to 1000ml for 200 Ltrs of water or Per Acre.


  • 500ml, 1000ml

It is made up of 11% Calcium. this fertilizer enhances plants’ photosynthesis, reduces the soil acidity thus promoting the development of micro-organisms in the soil that aid in nitrogen fixation. it is an important fertilizer that plays a big role in the maintenance of healthy cell walls in plants, because of its higher solubility in the soil, it helps the plants in absorbing other important nutrients in the soil. It also helps in water regulation in plant tissues, improvement, and enhancement in photosynthesis, and also protecting the plants from biochemical stresses. This helps plants like tomatoes and apples produce healthy fruits.
Additionally, it is largely used in hydroponics growers who use it to dilute it into feeding tubes to nourish plants growing in water indoors. It contains calcium it aids in preventing physiological disorders and enhances fruit firmness & shelf life. Increasing fruit structure, shape, and fruit capacity.

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