• It means the soluble mono-potassium phosphate; Excellent fertilizer of Phosphorus and potash, when potassium and phosphorus are needed to plant during the beginning of fruit growth, its use is effective.
  • Use it during the period of fruit growth to make fruit juicy, sweet and increase the size of the fruit.
  • Improves fruit quality and enhances taste and color. Controls Powdery and Downey Mildews, reddening of leaves, and other similar diseases, Minimizing the incidence of powdery mildew in grapes, mangoes, peas, vegetables, flowers, etc.
  • The dosage depends upon crops however don’t mix with calcium and magnesium fertilizers.
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MONO POTASSIUM PHOSPHATE (00:52:34) – MKP 100% Water Soluble Complex Fertilizer Contents % By Weight Phosphorus Content P (As P2O5) 52.00 Minimum Potash Content K (As K2O) 34.00 Minimum Sodium (As NaCl) (on dry Basis) 0.025 Maximum Matter Insoluble in Water 0.05 Maximum Moisture 0.50 Maximum Appearance White Crystal.


  • Mono Potassium Phosphate (00:52:34) (water Soluble Complex Fertilizer)

Method of Application:

  • Foliar Application: 4-5 gm/Ltr Water
  • Soil Application: 1-3 kg/Acre


  • 1kg, 25kg


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