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Great Yielding Products

Both at foliar as well as the fruiting stage application of Bio Organic products have been witnessing a good harvesting.

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Fungicides and Tonics

Our products are specialised in controlling fungi and bacterial deseases in soil and well as in plants. This suppresses the soil-born harmful inhabitants and gives good protection to plant.

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Soil Enriching Products

Our Products formulated and manufactred to multiply the soil inhabitants like microb polulation, espacially around the plant root zone.

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Soil Rich Products

As soil is the main source of nutrients for plants our all products are Bio Organically formulated and produced to maintain soil and crop health.

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Best Quality Bio Organic Products

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Why Devamrut?

Our bio-organic natural products, bio-pesticides, and bio-fertilizers are formulated with high populations of naturally occurring beneficial microbes that aid in the control of sucking pests, fungi, and nematodes, enhance soil health, and noticeably increase crop yield in both quantity and quality.

Our focused Area

Agricultural Crops

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Fruits and Vegetables

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Poultry & Livestock

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Our Products

Farmers Growth is Our Achievement...

Our Specialization

What Customers Say About Us

!! ऊस पिक व्यवस्थापन सविस्तर माहिती !! ऊस उत्पादक शेतकरी बंधूनो सप्रेम नमस्कार, ऊस हे एक महत्वाचे नगदी पिक असुन या पिकांमुळे ग्रामीण भागातील लोकांचे जीवनमान यात अमुलाग्र बदल घडवून आणला आहे. सध्या परिस्थिती पाहता ऊस हे असे पीक आहे ज्याला एक ठराविक हमीभाव आहे, ज्यामुळे आपणांस एक प्रकारची उत्पादनाची हमी येऊ शकते. ऊसावर आधारित ग
Mila Kunis
DEVAMRUT Agrotech Pvt Ltds Team Visited to Mr. Sathish R. Sirs Ginger Crop where DevAmruts all Products Used. Variety: SG666 Himachal 226 Days Plot. At: Balekoppa, Dist: Shimoga, Karnataka Ginger Crop Success Plot At: Balekoppa, Dist: Shimoga, Karnataka
Mike Sendler

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Scientifically Proven And Quality-Based Products For All Crops