• Mineral elements nurture horticultural crops and also crops of cereals, pulses, oilseeds, spices, and plantations.
  • In spite of the low demand, critical plant functions are hindered if micronutrients are unavailable which results in plant deformations, lower yield, and diminished growth.
  • Micronutrients are crucial for plant growth and play an important role in balancing crop nutrition.
  • Improve protein & lingnin synthesis Improve photosynthesis & cell wall strength.
  • Increase chlorophyll production. Balance the micronutrient requirement.
  • Increase quality and yield of crops.

DEVAMRUT MIX MICRONUTRIENTS GRADE-2 Micronutrients consist of a fine blend of mineral elements comprising of Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Manganese (Mn), Iron (Fe), Boron (B) Molybdenum (Mo).


  • Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Manganese (Mn), Iron (Fe), Boron (B) Molybdenum (Mo)

Method of Application :

  • Foliar Application: 4-5 gm/Ltr Water
  • Soil Application : 1-2 kg/Acre

Availability :

  • 250gm, 500gm, 1kg, 25kg

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