• Improves strength of cell wall, promotes root and shoot growth.
  • Makes plant healthy and tolerant to fungal and bacterial diseases, water stress, etc.
  • Corrects Calcium deficiencies/disorders most effectively.
  • Improves quality and yield of produce.
  • Reduces post-harvest losses, improves better storage properties of vegetables, fruits, and flowers.


Method of Application :
Foliar Application : 4-5 gm/Ltr Water
Soil Application : 1-2 kg/A


CALCIUM NITRATE – GRANULAR 100 % WATER SOLUBLE COMPLEX FERTILIZER Contents % By Weight “Total Nitrogen (Ammonical & Nitrate) by weight” 15.50 Minimum Nitrate Nitrogen (as N) by weight 14.50 Minimum Water soluble Calcium by weight 18.50 Minimum Matter Insoluble in Water 1.50 Maximum.


  • Calcium Nitrate – Granular – Ca(no3)2h2o (water Soluble Complex Fertilizer)

Method of Application :

  • Foliar Application: 4-5 gm/Ltr Water
  • Soil Application : 1-2 kg/Acre

Availability :

  • 1kg, 25kg

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