DEVAMRUT NEEMKARANJ+ This product is based on Ancient Indian Ayurvedic knowledge of using Special Quality Neem Seeds and Karanja (Pongamia) seeds extracts.


  • Increases Plant disease resistance capacity
  • Useful for Preventive application
  • Reduces crop loss and damages due to pest infestation
  • Increase the plant’s disease resistance capacity.
  • Foliage sprays are effective against hosts of pests.
  • Mixture with neem oil effective against pests and even viruses.
  • Widely used as a pesticide. Useful for Preventive application.
  • Reduces crop loss and damages due to pest infestation.

With The help of Advanced technological Neem Oil and Karanj oil extracted with other herbal and medicinal plants used typical emulsifiers and special stabilizers combinations to increase the plant’s immune defense capacity. The product will increase the plant’s disease resistance capacity. This makes it a preferred choice for the preventive application.


  • Neem Oil Extract & Karanj Oil Extracts, Emulsifiers & Stabilizers.

Method of Application:

  • Foliar Application: 2ml to 3ml per Ltr of Water or 500ml for 200 Ltrs of water.
  • Soil Application: 500ml to 1000ml for 200 Ltrs of water or Per Acre.
  • 250Ml, 500Ml, 1000Ml.

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