DEVAMRUT FLOWER BOOST is a blend of essential elements comprising Cytokines, Gibberellins, amino acids, micronutrients, and essential enzymes to give fruits the required superiority in quality to compete in the international markets.


  • Provides Organic Nutrition to plants.
  • Specially made for use during the flowering stages, boosts female flowering and increase flower boosting the capacity of crops.
  • Provides energy for the reproductive processes of plants.
  • Increases food production capacity, enhance flower and fruit setting capacity of crops. Reduces flower dropping.
  • Increase size, test, shape and colour of fruits.
  • Increases the yield and quality of the fruits.
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Ingredients :

  • Oil Of Mirbane 20%, Amino Acid 10% & Protein, Vitamins

Method Of Application:

  • Foliar & Dipping Application – 2 – 3 ml per ltr of water.


  • 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml.

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