It supplies Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash equally to Plant. It should be used during the early stages of plant growth. Spraying is very effective in improving the diminished / pale crop. It helps in increase branching and flowering. It provides balanced nutrition to the crops in the early growth stages. It is useful especially for the healthy vegetative growth of young seedlings and growing plants. It prevents flowers and fruit from dropping resulting in more yield.

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N:P:K (19:19:19) 100 % WATER SOLUBLE MIXTURE OF FERTILIZERS Contents % By Weight Total Nitrogen by weight 19.00 Minimum Phophorus Content P (As P2O5) 19.00 Minimum Potash Content K (As K2O) 19.00 Minimum Sodium (As NaCl) (on dry Basis) 0.50 Maximum Matter Insoluble in Water 0.50 Maximum Moisture 0.50 Maximum.


  • N:P: K 19:19:19 (Water-soluble mixture fertilizer)

Method of Application :

  • Foliar Application: 4-5 gm/Ltr Water
  • Soil Application: 1-3 kg/Acre

Availability :

  • 1kg, 25kg


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