• It is mono ammonium phosphate; Nitrogen and Phosphorus mixed excellent fertilizer useful in the beginning when the need for nitrogen and phosphorus is arisen by plant, its use is effective.
  • This helps by picking flowers. Improves the shelf life of the produce.
  • It is the most concentrated water-soluble fertilizer containing both N & P important macronutrients And a Highly-concentrated source of P for plants.
  • It is ideal for application in the initial stages of crop growth as P is very important for the development of a proper root system. Also, N in the product helps vigorous vegetative growth.
  • Its Acts as a flowering booster, Induce a greater number of flowers and the fruiting process.
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MONO AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE (12:61:00) – MAP 100% Water Soluble Complex Fertilizer Contents % By Weight Ammonical Nitrogen by wt. 12.00 Minimum Phophorus Content P (As P2O5) 61.00 Minimum Sodium (As NaCl) (on dry Basis) 0.50 Maximum Matter Insoluble in Water 0.05 Maximum Moisture 0.50 Maximum Appearance White Crystal.


  • Mono Ammonium Phosphate (12:61:00) (water Soluble Complex Fertilizer)

Method of Application :

  • Foliar Application: 4-5 gm/Ltr Water
  • Soil Application : 1-3 kg/Acre

Availability :

  • 1kg, 25kg


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